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What is oral surgery?

If you are being referred for oral surgery, it means that you have an issue that can only be resolved through surgical intervention. Oral surgery is solely focused on issues in the mouth, cheeks, teeth, tongue, gums and jaw.

If you need to have oral surgery, the first thing you need to know is that there’s no need to worry or be nervous. Most people are naturally nervous at the prospect of surgery – it’s a completely human reaction. We do all we can to make sure that you are as comfortable and at ease as possible.

All treatment will be carried out using local anaesthetic so if you wish, you will be able to drive home afterwards. Please take any usual medications and eat and drink as normal before your appointment.

Meet our oral surgeon, Catherine Sternberg

GDC No: 69527

Catherine qualified from Birmingham University in 1993 and was accredited as a specialist in 1997. She has been a Consultant in Oral Surgery since 2009 and works in both hospital and practice all across Oxfordshire and Hampshire.

Catherine also works for the Oxford Dental Deanery as the Regional Advisor and Training Programme Director for the Dental Foundation training programme. She is an examiner for the Royal College of Surgeons of England and Edinburgh.

As an Oral Surgeon, Catherine’s role often has her completing complicated extractions and procedures. In many cases, she is brought on board to fix problems and bring normality back to the lives of her patients. Her work often relieves the pain and stress of a problematic tooth through extraction and any follow-up surgery.

Because many patients feel nervous at the prospect of surgery, Catherine takes extra steps to make sure all her patients are at ease and comfortable about their treatment, talking them through the procedures and settling any concerns. She can also provide sedation for nervous patients.